Building Community Resiliency

By modelling a simple kitchen garden in Ingersoll’s Heritage Square, we’ve shown how easy it is to grown and enjoy your own fresh organic produce. Growing some of your own food is as eat-local as it gets! Seed saving, and the sharing of seeds and produce, increase local food security, and put organic home and community gardens at the top of the list of fun and healthy grassroots actions you can take part in!

Piloting Innovative Ideas

From our Gardens, to our Festival Waste Reduction and Dish Lending programs, Free Pre-Loved Clothing events, and more, we’ve proven that grassroots community efforts can make reducing a community’s eco-footprint a fun and rewarding experience! To make a request regarding our Dish Lending program, please email the team at bookings@ttlw.org. A huge thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors who help make these inspiring projects happen!

Transitioning to a More Sustainable Community

By collaborating with other organizations and individuals, TTLW has been involved in many Transition inspired projects. These have included our involvement in rammed-earth eco home “Earthship” research. Other projects have included: building homemade windmills, creating small scale home solar set-ups, and helping to transition several gas-powered vehicles to electric! When we make our homes more energy efficient and cut down on waste and finite resource use, we are joining the grassroots worldwide Transition movement. You can get involved by encouraging local and provincial governments to make environmentally sustainable decisions, and by reducing your own eco-footprint at home!

Promoting a Healthy Environment

Through our involvement in advocating for waste reduction and the protection of our community’s water resources and air quality, we’re part of a movement to improve our local environment. We’ve also encouraged province-wide safeguarding of water, land, air, endangered species and biologically diverse habitats. What can you do to foster a healthy environment? Start planning your spring pesticide-free pollinator garden and tree planting, and reach out to your municipality to encourage them to host free tree giveaways and the planting of more trees in common spaces!